I now work for Solent Mind Portsmouth Support & Recovery Services as a peer supporter.

I now work for Solent Mind

Portsmouth Support & Recovery Services

as a peer supporter.

Lisa Reeve


I am now part of the Solent Mind Portsmouth Support & Recovery Service and will be facilitating sessions and programmes at the Solent Recovery College (SRC), Highbury College. As a Peer Support Worker.

As a Photographer, Visual Artist, SFX Make-up Artist, Animal Rights Activist, Mental Health Campaigner and our Artistic Projects and Campaign Director you may be thinking, have I taken too much on? The answer is NO! I love to work in many differing jobs and using different skill sets as often as possible.

I will facilitate training sessions for people with mental health problems, which is something so close to my heart.

lisa reeveAs well as this I shall also offer this support to their family, carers and friends, together with workers from Solent NHS Adult Mental Health.

The programmes cover three themes

• Understanding recovery

• Developing knowledge and skills

• Moving forward



Main Responsibilities:

• Working alongside colleagues from Solent NHS AMH to deliver an agreed programme of recovery focussed learning

• To help student learners mange their own recovery and help them set learning goals

• To model personal responsibility, self-awareness, self-belief, self-advocacy and hopefulness

• Through the learning programme draw on the lived mental health experience and expertise of students as a way of increasing awareness of recovery

• To offer individual learners opportunities to discuss personal recovery goals, both short and long term

• To signpost learners to other services when appropriate to meet their recovery goals, including encouraging learners to use learning credits gained at SRC as a stepping stone to further study or vocational training.

• To support learners to identify and overcome fears about learning within a relationship of empathy and trust

• To create and maintain professional supportive relationships with all members of staff, with other professionals and agencies to enhance recovery.

• To provide peer support if and when needed on an ad hoc basis.

• To record all contacts with learners in the case notes and on appropriate electronic customer recoding systems like RIO system if required

• To support colleagues in promoting a recovery orientated environment by identifying recovery focused learning activities

• To ensure attendance at all Solent Mind essential training

• To participate in group or individual supervision, appraisal and performance development and identify own development needs, acting as an effective Recovery and team member

• Maintain a working knowledge of current trends in mental health, recovery and peer support

• To contribute to the ongoing development of the Portsmouth Recovery and Support service • Work within Solent Mind policies and procedures • All employees have a duty and responsibility for their own health and safety and the health of safety of colleagues, patients and the general public.


Lisa Reeve


“We are so proud of Lisa and for her ability to use her own mental health issues to help others and for her strength in taking on this challenge. We also think this is a perfect time to announce this job success as it is still our ongoing mental health campaign at the moment!” From MD, Charlotte Farhan at ASLI


Lisa Reeve

The skills which I will acquire will further skills in my role at ASLI which will better serve in our understanding of mental health services and support in the UK.

This will better assist our ASLI artists who suffer from mental illness and our team members.

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Thank you for all your support xxx

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