From the Team: Lisa Reeve talks about her project in The Gambia on raising awareness for girls to get an education

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Lisa Reeve Lisa Reeve

We feel it is important to show you what we as a team feel about our campaigns and projects. Especially as many of us on the team are artists ourselves. Here is an article written by Lisa Reeve one of our Managing directors at ASLI and who is also a photographer, make-up artist, SFX artist and visual artist. Lisa wanted to speak about violence against women, gender stereotypes, body image and the importance of education for girls. Here is what she had to say on this issue:

“When I travelled to Africa as a photographer and shot my project ‘Faces of the Gambia‘ I learned that not all people around the world are given the opportunity or rights to express themselves independently without facing fears of abandonment, imprisonment , violence , rape and even death. I never quite questioned the luxury of being able to choose…

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