“Lisa Reeve is not just an amazing photo- grapher! Lisa is an artist. I have worked with Lisa and she is now one of our Managing Directors for Art Saves Lives International and we could’t be prouder of her. I have also had photography done by Lisa for myself and ASLI and she is professional, creative and a truly hard worker. I would recommend her to anyone.” – Charlotte Farhan- Artistic and Managing Director of Art Saves Lives International  

Charlotte Farhan

“Lisa joined us at our summer camp in July and made a fantastic display of her wounds on a few of our Guides. She talked briefly about the materials used and where she worked and then made some very gory wounds on the girls legs. The girls were enthralled for the whole time Lisa was there. Lisa’s lovely manner, knowledge of her craft and her skill make her the perfect choice for any event that requires make up and costume.”
– Judi ( Portsmouth Cathedral Guides)

Portsmouth Cathedral Guides